So, what have I done with my time?

I program in Python

In fact, this blog is written in Python!

I've made more than blogs, though. Check out all of my projects below:

This blog

This blog you're reading now is written in Python and HTML! I used Django and Bootstrap for the styling.

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I have another Python/Django website coming up soon!

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Idle Clicker Game - Clicky

I made an idle clicker game with Pygame! You just click boxes, accumulate score, and use it to play minigames! I'm trying to deploy it right now but I've hit several roadblocks. I'll have a blog post on that in the future!

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Input Statistics

I made a program which monitors your keystrokes and clicks and displays a graph! I used pynput and Matplotlib to make this. I still haven't been able to deploy this yet.

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Maybe you should check out my blog now? ^-^

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