5 Reasons Why I Think Python Is Better Than JavaScript

By lumiobyte / Published Aug. 5, 2019, 10:36 a.m. UTC

Every programmer has their own preferred programming language, all for different reasons. Some may love Ruby because of its intuitiveness, Java because it made Minecraft, or whatever. In this blog post, I’ll explain the 5 reasons why I love Python - and despise JavaScript.

REASON NUMBER ONE: Python language is really simple.
I find Python a very simple language. As someone who entered into programming with C++, when I decided to learn Python it was like a breath of fresh air escaping a hell full of curly braces, weird and complicated header files and complicated methods to write to text files. Python just made sense. I had written a bunch of cool console programs in no time. Compare that to barely being able to write something more than enter a number and text prints out “RPG’s” I used to make in C++. Python is great for beginners and can do lots out of the box without much hassle.
I haven’t spent much time looking at JavaScript code, but it looks very similar to C++ - and boy have I got PTSD from those days.

REASON NUMBER TWO: Python is elegant.
I know, I know, some of you don’t care how your code looks, but I do. When you go to read a Python program, you can just look at it and get an idea of what’s going on. JavaScript is often badly written, ugly, and squished “it-just-works-barely” code. It’s hideous to my OCD. Python, everything is indented, you can tell where a function or class starts and ends, see how many nested for loops you’ve got in that inefficient algorithm (we’ve all been there…). You don’t have long lines of meaningless symbols braces and numbers as you would in JavaScript.

REASON NUMBER THREE: Python is powerful.
“But JavaScript powers the web!! So it’s better!” But can JavaScript build neural networks?
I didn’t think so. Sure, I know JavaScript can do many things, with libraries like Electron for making desktop apps, it’s used all over the web, and can make IoT things like Discord or Twitter bots - but so can Python. Well, maybe no so much the web part. But some of it. Python has Django - it can run a web server. Python has libraries to make desktop apps. Lovely UI’s. Games. Deep learning. AI. Social media bots. And more.

REASON NUMBER FOUR: If you mess up, Python will tell you.
Python dev: Oh no, looks like I forgot that : over there. Thanks for telling me Python, before I deployed a broken application to all of my customers!
JS dev: Ahh, crap! I didn’t catch that one! JavaScript, I wish you would tell me before I leave work!
Python tells you when something is wrong. There’s nothing more to it.

REASON NUMBER FIVE: Python is just “nice” to use.
Python comes built in with many features. Python is simple to get started with. It’s easy to learn the fundamentals of programming and how to use the language just on your computer. You don’t need a browser, just a text editor and Python installed. Python isn’t overused like JavaScript is. Anybody who codes in Python actually enjoys it, and is dedicated (to some extent) to their language of choice. It’s just enjoyable, easy, and fun!

Just because I’ve spent nearly an hour writing a blog post to diss JS, doesn’t mean it’s all bad. I know, when I go to get myself a job, I’ll need to know it. I even use it every day, indirectly and without writing any, but I still use it. Hell, this website is built on Bootstrap - which uses JavaScript. And boy do I love Bootstrap. But then again, I don’t like it, and I don’t think I ever will. I will abstain from learning it until the very end. I will always defend Python whenever a nasty JavaScripter comes to me and says “Python succky! Javascript is better!”.

Then again, I am not anywhere near as experienced as many other devs who have most likely used both and have a much more refined and less one sided view of the coding world.
My opinions will most likely become more realistic and fact based with time.

Thank you to Guido Van Rossum for making such a beautiful and enjoyable programming language! 🐍🐍

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