#100DaysOfCode Day 1: Bootstrap is beautiful

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I haven't written as much code today as I have other days, because I spent way too long admiring the Bootstrap docs. Have I yet mentioned that in my ~2 weeks of using it I've pretty much immediately fallen in love with it?
It, and font awesome too. Damn those icons are sexy. 🤣

I've been searching for a way to use every feature in existence and and I think I've managed to work badges into my blog. I had an idea where the badge would display the number of contact requests that have been sent in
without me having to go to the page to check it. Anything to add another little feature!

I also considered adding a blog to my secret project (why tho) just so I could use the "New" badge. I also used cards and shadows today.

In terms of code, I've just been tuning my templates to try and improve the hideous UX - but it's still hideous. Hopefully when I reveal the project I'll be able to get some feedback from you guys about it. That's if
I ever add images and comments to this blog. Probably not for a while.

Well, see you on day 6 everybody!

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