#100DaysOfCode Day 4: New project is coming together... slowly

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More work on my secret project, of course! I've made a lot of progress with views and stuff. I finished models ages ago, and only today I managed to see if all my hard work has paid off!

It does work, but it's not pretty. The colour scheme is terrible, and everything is all squished up together. Display issues. Images still aren't loading, but I'm getting closer to identifying a fix...
I've worked out where my images are going (it's not where I want them to go) but I'm clueless as to how to tell Django to look there. Read the docs 5 times through and can't find anything. The docs are really
lacking on static file handling - either that, or I'm just terrible at interpreting them.

Apart from that, I've been investigating styling forms - just as much of a daunting task as everything else. I'm worried to just write the form myself too, because it might
be insecure (as everything is) and that I probably shouldn't do that. I watched some YouTube tutorials and they all do it in a really complicated way I don't understand. I don't like those type of videos, as I
don't want to just mindlessly copy code that I don't understand.

Well, today has been a day of as much progress as discovering roadblocks. But I've still got 96 days to get past them! See you all on day 5!

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