My #100DaysOfCode

#100DaysOfCode is a challenge where you have to code every day for 30min-1h every day, 100 days in a row.

Here I post logs of my progress in #100daysofcode. Looking for my blog? Go over here!

My progress: 21/100

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Day: 26-37
#100DaysOfCode Day 26 to Day 37: Damn you, school.

I've been too busy with assignments to code much recently, I am going to put my 100 days of code on hold for now. Sucks. I'll let you all know …

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Day: 25
#100DaysOfCode Day 25: Nearly there

I continued with the first section of the course, and I'm nearly done getting caught up with the basics. I'm excited to move on to the next section, creating algorithms …

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Day: 24
#100DaysOfCode Day 24: Starting the basics

I started the first section of my Machine Learning course today. The code I've gone through so far has been simple but there's lots of complex and confusing maths. Hopefully …

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Day: 23
#100DaysOfCode Day 23: Preparing

Didn't write any code today. I watched through the start of my ML course and set up everything.

It took me through installing Anaconda. I really don't like it …

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Day: 22
#100DaysOfCode Day 22: The World Of Machine Learning

And here we go - embarking on my biggest code project ever. It's time to dive into the world of machine learning!

My plan for probably the remainder of my …

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Day: 21
#100DaysOfCode Day 21: wOOOah

Today I finished making and deployed my two new additions to my website: A little page where I can share my random opinions on whatever I want, whenever I want. …

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Day: 20
#100DaysOfCode Day 20: An amazing discovery

Yesterday, I talked about my newest project for my blog. I mentioned how I thought pagination was going to be a difficult (or even the most difficult) part of the …

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Day: 19
#100DaysOfCode Day 19: Ambitions

So, I started coding the idea I had yesterday.

I also added onto it - a feature where people could agree with or disagree on my random rambling opinions, and …

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Day: Break Day
#100DaysOfCode Day 18: Brainstorming

Because of school stuff, I couldn't code much today.

However, I have come up with an idea.

I like to ramble, and so I'm going to create a page …

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Day: 17
#100DaysOfCode Day 17: Dumbfounded by a simple problem

I finished working on all the logic and templates of this page you're reading!

Everything went pretty smoothly, except for one thing.

You know the progress bar on the main …

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Day: 16
#100DaysOfCode Day 16: Adding to the blog

I started writing the about section of my blog, and this one! Yes, this #100DaysOfCode daily log page.

I actually found it surprisingly easy! I really am getting the …

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Day: Break Day
#100DaysOfCode Day 15: Just ran out of time

Had a really good video idea for my YouTube channel. That left me with no time to code... oh well.

You should check out my channel though!

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Day: Break Day
#100DaysOfCode Day 14: Lack of motivation

I was going to finish deploying my secret project but just didn't have the motivation. Didn't really do much.

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Day: Break Day
#100DaysOfCode Day 13: Busy (and codeless) day

For some reason my brain just decided adding the To-Do app to my blog was a bad idea. So I deleted it.

Couldn't do much more than that today, Tuesday …

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Day: 12
#100DaysOfCode Day 12: Idea...?

Adding a private To-Do list app to my blog. As a way to practice Django and keep track of tasks at the same time!

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Day: 11
#100DaysOfCode Day 11: Deployment (again)

Started deployment again for my secret project. Yes, I'm that guy who will try do something, then realise it's not working, and wipe the server and start again the next …

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Day: 10
#100DaysOfCode Day 10: Random code

Took a little break from Django today and wrote a Python program to locate the ISS.

I then tried to work on deployment of my secret project, which didn't get …

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Day: 9
#100DaysOfCode Day 9: StackOverflow is hostile

More tweaking of the UX on my secret project. It's looking pretty good now, after some refining!

Also asked some stackoverflow questions about getting images working in DEPLOYMENT not just …

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Day: 8
#100DaysOfCode Day 8: Illogical Idea

Mainly wrote HTML today. Created a ToS and Privacy Policy page.

Also did some thinking on my idea to incorporate Bootstrap badges into my blog (this one!) and realised …

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Day: 7
#100DaysOfCode Day 7: A big win!

I wrote more backend Django code for my secret project today. After lots of stackoverflow crawling, I managed to get images to load - even if only in development. That's …

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Day: 6
#100DaysOfCode Day 6: Tweak That UI

Didn't write much logic today, mainly lurked around the Bootstrap documentation.

Fixing up the ugly UI on my new secret project is coming along nicely!

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Day: 5
#100DaysOfCode Day 1: Bootstrap is beautiful

I haven't written as much code today as I have other days, because I spent way too long admiring the Bootstrap docs. Have I yet mentioned that in my ~2 …

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Day: 4
#100DaysOfCode Day 4: New project is coming together... slowly

More work on my secret project, of course! I've made a lot of progress with views and stuff. I finished models ages ago, and only today I managed to see …

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Day: 3
#100DaysOfCode Day 3: Getting the hang of Django

Today I kept working on my as-of-yet unannounced project. I really feel like I know my way around Django to an extent that I can make basic apps. A bit …

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Day: 2
#100DaysOfCode Day 2: A new Django project

Today I added some stuff to prepare for putting ads on my blog, prepared some templates, and also added a system where google analytics isn't on all the pages
because I …

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Day: 1
#100DaysOfCode Day 1: Deployment troubles

Day 1 of my #100DaysOfCode! The first day is always exciting.

Today I finished writing the contact app for my blog (this one you're reading!) and tried to deploy it... …

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